Athletic Trainers Shine in Super Bowl

I just finished watching a great Super Bowl, as I’m sure most of you did as well.  Maybe it’s just me being a “medical guy” but did you notice how many players where hurt during the game?

Pitt’s Bryant McFadden out with a hip injury while Big Ben is limping with a leg injury.  On the other side of the field Green Bay’s DB’s Charles Woodson & Sam Shields are both suffering from shoulder injuries and…..they’re still in the first half!

Injuries are part of all sporting events but when it’s the Grand Daddy of all football games, the pressure is on to stay healthy.  For every play that is missed by a key player, it can literally make the difference between winning and losing the game.  Believe me when I say, that fact is reinforced by everyone on that sidelines in the minds of the medical staffs taking care of those players.

Green Bay Packer’s Head Athletic Trainer Pepper Burruss and Pitt’s Head Athletic Trainer John Norwig are two of the best certified athletic trainers in the country.  Both teams on that field tonight were very lucky to have great medical staffs caring for their needs.

I tip my hat to both Pepper and John for having that many injuries to key players and doing an amazing job getting so many of them back so effectively.  I’ve worked many big playoff games, three divisional championship games and one Super Bowl so I can appreciate the pressure the medical staffs worked under tonight.

Athletic trainers and doctors will probably never get an MVP award but if you ask the players in most locker rooms they will tell you how valuable a caring medical staff is to their careers.