Speaking & Consulting

Speaking & Consulting

Supercharge your company quickly and effectively. Bring Mike Ryan in to help your employees master four key physical skillsets….to strengthen your company’s bottom line!

Mike is one of the most respected Physical Therapists and Certified Athletic Trainers in the country with 26 years of full-time experience in the NFL.  This 6-time Ironman triathlon finisher and still highly competitive athlete is passionate about sharing his sports medicine expertise with anyone truly interested in living healthy.

Mike Ryan, PT, ATC, CES, PES continues to speak and consult with:

  • Corporations, Large & Small
  • Athletes at all Levels of Sports
  • Health-Conscious Individuals Seeking a Healthy Lifestyle
  • University Athletic Departments
  • Parents of Young Athletes
  • Sports Medicine Specialists

Mike’s Passion Statement is simple: To Enhance the Health of Others.

Mike Ryan Sports Trainer

“Mike Ryan is more than a professional speaker & sports medicine analyst. He has unique ability to explain complicated and confusion medical issues in a clear, understandable manner.”

Barbara Pinson Lash, Celebrity Media Coach


Drawing upon his unique professional and athletic experience and accomplishments, Mike is an informative speaker who knows the needs of his audience to help them move better, think more positive, eat healthier and sleep deeper.

Community leaders, organizations, schools, entrepreneurs, and companies like yours call upon Mike to challenge their employees and build a healthy workplace culture. .

Mike’s well-researched presentation and priceless stories easily engage his audiences. He possesses the ability to simplify complicated medical/wellness topics into easy-to-understand, bite-sized pearls of information.

Mike’s fresh perspective breathes new life and vision into companies and individuals alike.

Mike’s most popular talks:


Learn to quickly master the four key pillars of health: launching a fun lifestyle. Being “healthy” involves both your body and mind. Mike shares his proven tips and techniques for fast, positive changes without costing you or your employer valuable time or money.


Keeping elite athletes healthy is no easy task. Now you, too, can benefit from the latest advances in sports medicine techniques from the National Football League. Hear Mike’s relevant stories as he pulls back the NFL “Medical Curtain.” This talk will help you manage joint pain, increase muscle mobility, eat healthy, get stronger, prevent injuries, and get super-fit faster than you ever imagined.


Each and every one of us has an inner-mind, self-talk message playing in the background of our heads. That self-talk averages 400 words per minute. Therefore, your self-talk and inner attitude WILL dictate your health. Let Mike teach you and your employees to re-write that message while learning how to move pain-free. It’s time to enhance your health; above and below your neck like a world-class athlete.

Interested in having Mike speak to your group? Contact Mike (LINK TO “CONTACT MIKE” PAGE) to discuss your speaking needs.


Mike’s unique background and active lifestyle has earned him a perspective on healthy living few can match. As a trusted consultant, Mike’s dedicated to helping companies quickly improve the health of their employees.

Wise companies make corporate wellness programs a high priority because they see their high return on investment.

Healthy Employees = Lower Costs

Vital topics where Mike can help your company improve:

  • Move with Less Pain…Without Medicine
  • Think Healthier and More Positive
  • Eating Healthier
  • Improved Sleep Recovery Routines
  • Motivate Staff to Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Fitness Tips
  • Injury Prevention Tips
  • Active Ownership of Your Health
  • Work Setting Ergonomic Evaluation: Reducing Injuries Work

Is your company interested in growing its financial bottom line AND improving the health of your employees? Show your staff you care about them by contacting Mike to learn how easy it is to make healthy changes.