mike-ryan-fitnessMike Ryan is an internationally renowned sports medicine and physical rehabilitation expert who recently transitioned from the National Football League (NFL) to mainstream America.  Though Mike continues to consult with professional athletes and sports medicine specialists across the country with a very simple goal: To Enhance the Health of Others and Himself.

One of the most respected Head Athletic Trainers/Physical Therapists in the NFL for 26 years, this 6-time Ironman triathlon finisher has a proven passion to share his expertise on injuries, healthy living, injury prevention, and rehabilitation with individuals interested in living an active lifestyle.


Drawing upon his unique experience and accomplishments, Mike is an informative, down-to-earth speaker who knows how to get your group thinking, learning and achieving their best.

For the last 5+ years, community leaders, organizations and companies like yours have called upon Mike to challenge and inform their people.

Mike’s well-researched presentation and priceless stories easily engage his audiences. He possesses the ability to simplify difficult topics into easy to understand, bite-sized pearls of information to help his customers.

Mike’s fresh perspective breathes new life and vision into companies and individuals alike. Presentations can be customized for any organizational environment.

Mike’s most popular talks:

Top 5 Health & Fitness Secrets from the NFL

Keeping elite athletes healthy is no easy task. Learn how you too can benefit from the “inside scoop” on the latest advances in sports medicine techniques, safe conditioning, healthy nutrition and overcoming common injuries usually reserved for professional athletes.

Corporate Wellness Made Easy

Enhancing your health and wellness doesn’t have to be complicated. I can teach your employees how to think differently about themselves and enhance their health the Mike Ryan way: With information that is Easy to Understand, Simple to Apply & Gets Fast Results.

Awake the Athlete Inside You in ONLY 32 1/2 Days

Why does society assume if you’re over 30 years old you should just embrace getting old gracefully? Hell no! It’s time to re-embrace your title of “ATHLETE” and learn how to apply that mentality by training smarter not harder

Wellness 101: Change Your Attitude & Change Your Life

An average athlete talks to themselves at a rate of 1200 words per minute. How you think and what your mind says to yourself is so important. Let me teach you and your employees how professional athletes utilize VISUALIZATION and SELF-IMAGERY to overcome fear, doubt and injuries to perform at a world-class level.

Stronger For Longer: How to Get Better Every Day for the Rest of your Life

Most investments take time. Meanwhile, compound interest flourishes with time. I can show you how to maximize your body’s return-on-investment (ROI) with simple tips to take control of your health by getting better every day in areas such as nutrition, Ab strength, lower body fat and proven conditioning plans.

Taking Ownership of Your Body & Mind Today…. and What It Means to You

Your body, mind, self-image and emotions belong to one person: YOU. Too often people hand the responsibility for their health and wellness over to their doctor, personal trainer and/or family member. Let me show you how your entire organization can quickly reap healthy rewards by regaining ownership of your bodies and minds.

Other popular talks and Keynote Speeches:

  • “Behind the Medical Curtain in the NFL”
  • “Corporate Wellness for the Entire Company: From The Boss to the New Guy in Accounting”
  • “Youth Concussion Management Made Easy
  • “Owners Manual for the Spine”
  • “Elite Sports Medicine Tips to Stay in the Game”
  • “Game Planning for Wellness: Investing in You”
  • “Abdominal/Core Training Made Easy”
  • “Heat & Hydration Planning for the Young Athlete”
  • “The Funny Side of Extreme Sports”

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Mike’s diverse background, impressive connections and life-long student attitude has provided him with a wealth of information that he wants to share with companies large and small.  As a consultant with businesses, both inside and outside of the health/sports industries, Mike is dedicated to helping others solve their problems.

One of Mike’s passions is corporate wellness.  Corporate wellness programs have become a mainstay for small and large businesses due to their high return on investment. Wellness programs that are effectively designed, implemented and managed will reduce corporate costs for health care, drive down absenteeism while increasing productivity.

Healthy Employees = Lower Costs

Companies can find ways to increase employee efficiency and safety through their wellness programs. Here are some areas where Mike can help your company improve:

  • Injury Prevention Tips
  • Employee Active Ownership in Your Health Talks
  • Ergonomic Evaluation of the Workplace
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Medical Screening – Pre-employment screening
  • Pre-Work Warmup & Recovery Tips
  • Motivational Newsletters & Emails

Is your company interested in growing while keeping your employees healthy & happy with the Mike’s expertise?  Show your staff that you care about them by contacting him!

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