Foam Rolling For Dummies

Stop Stretching Your Tight Muscles!

Are you still looking for an inexpensive solution for your tight muscles, stiff joints and nagging body aches and pains?

My new book, the first-ever physical therapy-based roller book, is here. Click here to learn my proven tricks to help you unlock painful muscles trigger points, loosen stiff joints & move pain-free in less than 10 minutes!

Stop wasting your time stretching tight muscles for only minimal relief. Instead, learn my fast-acting muscle unlocking treatments. I’ve shared these same roller and roller ball treatments with thousands of individuals ranging from elite professional athletes, to non-athletes, to weekend warriors.

These easy-to-learn roller techniques worked for them and they’ll work for YOU too.

This is what you will feel after my roller/rollerball treatments:

  • Looser and more relaxed muscles and fascia.
  • Reduction in general body tightness.
  • Improved joint range of motion.
  • Ability to walk, squat, bend and reach with much less effort.
  • Increased muscle strength thanks to less muscle restrictions.

Let’s put your annoying muscle aches and pains in the rear-view mirror!