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A New Look at Sports Hernias

I got the call last week and his stress level was obviously high.  “They think she has a sports hernia!” my good friend said.  “Her physical therapist says they may have to cut her groin muscle” he expressed regarding his very athletic 17-year-old daughter. I get calls like this with questions on sports hernia 4-5 […]

Jimmy Graham’s Shoulder Injury Plan

As New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham prepares for Sunday’s 2015 NFL Pro Bowl, he’s still dealing with an injured right shoulder.  As with many players suiting up for the annual event, most of them have injuries, aches and pains from the long NFL season which started playing games 25 weeks ago.  Pain and […]

Smart Start With CrossFit

I did my first CrossFit workout (at CrossFit Pablo Beach in Jax Beach) this weekend….and my ass and hamstrings are killing me! New to CrossFit As a devoted cross trainer, I’m very comfortable with my old friends; running, biking, TRX, body-weight exercises, weight lifting, aggressive core work, swimming, trail running and such, but now doing […]

The Secret Behind Managing Injuries in the NFL

I get asked about NFL injuries almost every day..…and I love it because NFL injuries have been a huge part of my life for over 26 years.  The injury questions come from every direction; workout buddies, physical therapy patients, college friends, Twitter followers or new friends I meet at an airport or restaurant. “How do […]

Will Cross Training Make Me Stronger…or Injured?

I get lots of questions from non-professional athletes looking for ways to avoid injuries. Any injury, large or small, can change your life.  As we grow “younger”, staying healthy becomes a higher priority.  The reason being: We don’t heal as fast as we did when we were in our 20’s. Injuries drastically change and limit […]

Top 5 Factors Causing Hamstring Strains

 “What’s he got?” the coach shouts with frustration as I approached with my exam findings of the injured football player. Before I could even start with my reply, he barked back with double the volume and triple the disgust; “It’s a damn hammy, isn’t it?!” That conversation, if you want to call it one, took place […]

Time For Change

Football’s in the air.  It has a way of making sports seem legitimate again.  The buzz of training camp and how “my team” will do this season has dominated social conversations and social media this week. For me, the excitement for another NFL season is here but for very different reasons. The year was 1987 […]

Gratitude, Change & a Trusted Vision

April 25, 1988 was the day my childhood NFL dream came true. Ronnie Barnes, the Head Athletic Trainer for the New York Giants and one of my mentors, asked me if I wanted to join his staff as a full-time assistant athletic trainer.  I was 25 years old and a month away from graduating from […]

How to Shorten Your Shoulder Scope Recovery Time!

Today is a true day of “role reversal” for me.  Instead of being the physical therapist, I’ll be the patient rolling into the operating room for surgery to fix a chronic shoulder injury by Jacksonville Jaguars Head Team Physician Dr Kevin Kaplan at Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute. I have to admit, consulting others about a shoulder […]