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Pain Management Made Easy

For most, the term “pain management” creates haunting visions of pain medicine, drastic lifestyle changes and expensive doctor bills. In the sports medicine world, that same phrase paints a much rosier image. “Not all pain is created equal.”  Different types of tissue in your body can generate varying types of pain. Here’s a list of […]

Closer Look at Aaron Rodgers’ Clavicle Fracture

Week 6 of the 2017 NFL season added another painful chapter to the venomous rivalry between the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings. Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers left the game in the 1st quarter with a fractured clavicle involving this right throwing shoulder following what Green Bay fans are calling an unnecessary hit by […]

Checklist for Surgery: Rehabbing Like a Pro Athlete

I’m often asked: “How do pro athletes heal so fast following a major surgery?” My answer is two-fold: “They lock into a positive attitude before they go under the knife and, more importantly, they take an active approach to jump-start their recovery immediately after surgery.” Successful elite athletes never take a passive approach following any […]

Cold Truth About Ice Therapy

To convince my patients, fellow #SpartanRace athletes and friend that ice therapy works, I simply tell them: “Ice is your best friend”! Ice is cheap, easy to use, mobile, effective and, most importantly, ice therapy works!  Its time we all stop complaining how “ice hurts” and “it makes me stiff”.  Sure it hurts and it […]

Managing Your Wrist Pain

Wrist pain will humble even the toughest of athletes. With a painful wrist, suddenly simple tasks becomes painful.  Opening a door, picking up our kids and shaking hands becomes a painful event. As a Sports Medicine Expert for Spartan Race, I write posts for fellow Spartan racers and SGX coaches related to important sports medicine […]

Appreciating Assistant Athletic Trainers

John Norwig has the right to be proud. Playoff football’s in the air. I’m here in Kansas City with NBC Sports’ Sunday Night Football crew to cover this weekend’s AFC divisional playoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Here’s one story line which probably won’t make the headlines: During Sunday’s clash […]

Inside the NFL Concussion Protocol

You hear it every Sunday, watching an NFL player escorted to the locker room after taking a big hit to the head: “He’s in the NFL concussion protocol”. Concussions increased by 58% in the 2015 regular season games compared to 2014.  There were 182 reported concussions in NFL regular season games last season. Game Day Concussion […]