The shoulder is the most dynamic and movable joint in the body. Shoulder injuries are frequently caused by athletic activities that involve excessive, repetitive, overhead motion, such as swimming, tennis, pitching, and weightlifting. Injuries can also occur during everyday activities such washing walls, hanging curtains, and gardening. Unfortunately, this range of motion can also lead to instability. To remain in a stable or normal position, the shoulder must be anchored by muscles, tendons and ligaments. Because the shoulder can be unstable, it is the site of many common problems.

How To Treat Shoulder Pain Caused By AC Joint Separation

Acromioclavicular joints or AC joints are easily injured and susceptible to secondary issues such as arthritis, laxity and shoulder pain.  Often referred to as a “separated shoulder”, an AC separation takes place when the ligaments that stabilize the collar bone (clavicle) and the shoulder blade (scapula) become damaged. The acromioclavicular joint is the connection between […]

Shoulder Therapy

Shoulder therapy, as opposed to surgery, is normally the first step towards regaining range of motion for a shoulder injury and returning to competition. Due to the extreme range of motion in a shoulder, it is critical that immediate attention is paid when an injury does occur. The reaction of injured athletes is to immobilize […]

Shoulder Joint

The shoulder joint is comprised of three parts: the clavicle, the scapula, and the humerus. Shoulder joint injuries can be caused by a traumatic event like falling awkwardly on the arm or a jolt while trying to lift a heavy object. Many people confuse a separated shoulder and a dislocated shoulder. While similarly situated, these […]