The dreaded knee injury. Many athletes cringe at the thought of torn ligaments in the knee. But the surrounding parts of the knee can impact knee injuries: thighs, knee joint, patellofemoral joint, quads and the upper shin. You know how it is…the knee bone is connected to the shin bone…it works as a unit. We’ll focus on alleviating the knee pain you’re experiencing and suggest therapy to get you competing again.

Managing a Knee Torn Cartilage

Understanding a Torn Cartilage The menisci or “cartilage” of the knee remains a common source of knee pain for athletes of any age.  The “C” shaped grisly structures assist in the congruent relationship between the femur, thigh bone, and the tibia or shin bone.  The medial (inside) meniscus and lateral (outside) meniscus have a flat under […]

Medial Meniscus Tears Made Easy

Assisting the efficient joint relationship in the knee, two cartilaginous menisci rest on the flat surface of the larger lower leg bone (tibia). The inner (medial meniscus) and outer (lateral meniscus) have a flat under surface that sits on the tibia bone and the concave (depressed) overlying surface of the menisci houses the convex (rounded) […]

Kneecap Pain and Running

Understanding Kneecap Pain for Runners Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) typically presents with a dull pain just beneath the kneecap and lower front part of the thigh just above the knee joint.  It is very common injury for runners. Hence, patellofemoral pain syndrome is sometimes referred to as “runner’s knee” or misalignment of the patella. The […]

How to Kick Into High Gear Against Runner’s Knee Pain

Pain associated with running can contribute to some forms of overuse injuries. Constantly subjecting the structures holding the joint to mechanical stress as with running, without allowing adequate time for recovery, is a recipe for developing knee pain. For example, excessive jumping, running, or deep lunges are all potential factors for knee pain. However, knee pain for runners is rarely a “do or die” scenario. In fact, many knee injuries with runners, if detected early, can easily resolved with proper treatment.

Going Round and Round with Cycling Knee Pain

Understanding Knee Pain From Cycling Cycling is a wonderful sport for athletes at any age.  Whether you’re biking the flat roads here in Florida or braving the endless off-road trails in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, the speed, fitness and fresh air accompanying the world of cycling is a wonderful escape from the “daily grind”. […]

Taming an MCL Sprain

The Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) is a thickening of the medial or inner knee joint capsule.  The MCL is the stabilizing ligament between the medial distal femur (thigh bone) and the medial upper tibia (shin bone).  The main function of the MCL is to reinforce the medial knee joint against excessive valgus stress or inward […]