Ankle and foot injuries can cripple an athlete. Speed and explosiveness are dependent upon a proper functioning foot. There are five main parts of the ankle and foot that cause athletes pain and keep them on the sidelines: achilles tendon, ankle joint, arch and heel pain, foot and toes. The most common ankle and foot injuries are: xx (mike – I need to know which ones are most important). We’ll cover all of these athletic injuries, provide you with therapy tips and get you competing again in no time!

Managing a Foot Stress Fracture the Right Way

Stress fractures in the foot are usually characterized as an overuse injury of weight-bearing bones.  High impact sports involving running and jumping such as distance running, basketball, tennis, and football are where most athletes with foot pain are found. Bones generally respond to stress by hardening along the outer margins of those bones.  When bones […]

Solving the Stop and Go Issue of Sinus Tarsi Syndrome

Sinus Tarsi Syndrome is a rather common foot injury for stop-and-go type sports, which can leads to pain in the sinus tarsi region of the foot. Some refer to this area in front and slightly below the lateral malleolus as “the eye of the foot”. The sinus tarsus is a bony canal located on the outer (lateral) surface of the foot between the talus bone and midfoot.

Sprained Ankle Management

Ankle sprains remain the most common lower extremity injury in all of sports.  From the minor “tweak” of the ankle to the high ankle sprain, the range of symptoms and the limitations vary greatly.  The challenging factor with ankle sprains remains the ongoing vulnerability of the ankle joint for years after a sprain because of […]

Turf Toe Management

Turf toe is an injury with a short name but a long history of pain in the NFL. With large men rapidly changing directions on varying surfaces, the forces originating at the ground level are extremely high. Simply stated, every football player move that you see on your plasma screen during Sunday’s game start at the foot and big toe.

Toe Injuries

Most people don’t realize that the majority of bones in your foot are actually toes. Toes function to keep your balance as well as help you move as you run, walk or sprint. As a result, fractures, dislocations or bruises – all common toe injuries – can seriously affect your performance. Toe injuries can occur […]